Comment responder is a chrome extension that will help you to reply to the comments on your facebook post.

It will allow you to auto reply to comment based on different keywords also send a message to the people who commented on your post if you enable that option.

Comment Responder Demo

The Problem is that when you make a post on facebook asking users if they need something like a training, software or anything that they show interest you will start getting a lot of comments on your post.

This is a great way to turn your facebook post into lead generation machine.

You post your offer and hot leads comment on your post and you will start getting hunders of comments. Its super hard to respond to each of them manually and it takes a lot of time.

Lets say even if you respond to all the comments after few days you get comments on this old post and you forget to respond to them.

You are losing leads and sales by not doing this.

The solution is that we have created Comment Responder extension that will help you to automate the process of sending replying to comments on your post.

It will also send a message directly to their inbox if you need comment responder to do that.

Go and watch the demo video to know more and grab a copy of the extension before the deal ends.

Comment Responder Features

Auto comment:The software will help you to replay for the comment on your post with a link

Keyword monitoring:Track and tack actions for comments with certain keywords on your post

Time delay:You can specify the delay between every reply to avoid further issues from Facebook.

The interval between Reply:You can specify a specific time interval after a set of replies.

Types of the post can reply: Almost every post type from a Facebook profile like Text, Video, Photo, Link, Unpublished posts, etc.

How to use Comment Responder

Step 1: Click on the timestamp of the post to open it in a dedicated page

Step 2: Copy the link in our browser

Step 3: Open the comment responder and paste the link in the box (Facebook post with comments)

Step 4: If you want to give a specific link then you can give it the box ( Link to your offer)

Step 5: You can set the time delay between reply in the box (Time delay between replies)

Step6: You can set the number of the reply in the box (Automatically reply after X replies)

Step 7: You can set the temporary break after a set of replies in the box (Take a temporary break after X replies)

Step 8: You can set the length of the temporary break you have set in the box (Length of temporary break)

Step 9: Click on "add reply". A popup window appears and then define the reply and click the button "add replies". Add more replies to make it more personalized.

Step 10: Click the button "Add a new filter word/phrase". Define the keyword that you want to give a reply. Click on "Add filter word or phrase"

Step 11: Click on "Start replying". A new window appears. Click the button "Start" to start replying.

comment responder will help you to set different rules for automated replies.

For example, you can select the keywords so that reply will be given only to the comments with the keyword you select.

You can also define more than one reply and the time delay between the comments and much more.

You can start using the comment responder right away at a one-time payment!

No more wasted time in replying to every single comment.

Sign up today and start saving your time!

Starting at $97.00/Year


Plans and Features

Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access
  • All future Updates & Bug Fix
  • GDPR compliant (partner verified)

Standard Plan

Monthly Plan



  • Comment Reply
  • Reply Delay
  • Reply Variation
  • keyword Filter

Standard Plan

One Time Purchase of



  • Comment Reply
  • Reply Delay
  • Reply Variation
  • keyword Filter