Group magnet is a software that will help you to grab leads of people who request to join your facebook.

When people request to join you group you can ask them 3 questions. One of the question can be their email or number.

The probelm is that by default when you approve users the data won't be saved you will have to manually copy and save it to the spreadsheet.

If you are getting 10 request per day you will spend around 20 to 30 minutes copying and paying this data.

The solution is we have made a chrome extension that helps you to approve users and save the data in few clicks and save it to spreadsheet and from there you can use that data to any autoresponder and follow up with your customers and connect with them.

Group Magnet Demo

Group Magnet Use Case

If you have a poduct or a service and you need to grow your business the two things you need is leads and sales.

The more leads you get more chance you will get more sales.

There are two ways to get leads.

1. Paid Traffic

2. Organic Traffic

The number of people on the ad platform increases and so does the cost to run ads.

If you want to get more organic traffic without spending a single penny on ads you need to do this.

Start your facebook group and engage with your audience.

There are millions of users who spend their time on facebook and spend millions seeing ads on facebook.

How can you not run ads but reach your potential customers?

The best way to do that is by launching your facebook group.

if you manintain the group your group will be suggested to people on facebook.

The best thing about group is that when someone request to join your group you can ask them three question and one of it can be their email adress.

You mightknow that money is in your list and you need to build your email list to own the traffic.

You can copy and save this email adress of the user manually but that will take hours to do but with the extension Group Magnet you can just approve the users and collect the data in few clicks.

Whatever kind of products or services you have you will be needing to start a facebook group to grow your business and Group Magnet will help you to build your email list.

Go and grab a copy of Group Magnet now.

Group Magnet Features

Approve Users : You can approve users manually one by one of you can bulk approve users in one simple click and save the data at the same time.

Save to Spreadsheet: You can push the data saved in the chrome extension to the cloud in one click.

Download : Download the data as csv and store it offline or upload it anywhere you like.

Manage multiple groups: You can manage multiple groups you have using single extension.

How to use Group Magnet

Step 1: Login to the Extension

Step 2: Visit a facebook group that you manage and open Memebers Request

Step 3: You will see a box where you can paste your spreadsheet link

Step 4: Now Create a Google Sheet by going to

Step 5: Click on share in google sheets and copy it

Step 6: Paste the link inside the group you manage in memeber request section

Step 7: You will get a popup window asking to approve Group Magnet app

Step 8: Approve the app and return to your group

Step 9: Click on approve users and then open the extension

Step 10: Select the group inside the extension to see the data

Step 11: Click on Push to spreadsheet to save it the data to the spreadsheet you created.

Grab a copy of your Group Magnet now now. save time and start building your email list leveraging facebook organic traffic.

Starting at $19.00


Plans and Features

Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access
  • Lifetime updates
  • Stack unlimited codes
  • 14 days money back guarantee
  • One user per code

Standard Lifetime deal

One Time Purchase of



  • 20 Group
  • Use Spreadsheet
  • CSV Export

Standard Monthly




  • 20 Group
  • Use Spreadsheet
  • CSV Export

Standard Yearly




  • 20 Group
  • Use Spreadsheet
  • CSV Export