Friend Remover is a chrome extension that helps you to find inactive friends on Facebook who doesn't engage with your post. You can scan your post based on the past 12 months and get the data based on that.

You can mark also mark them active, inactive manually. We also have an option to whitelist friends so you don't accidentally remove them from your friend's list.

Friend Remover Demo

Do you have to get into a spot where you have an excessive number of friends on Facebook or you like to simply delete all your inactive friends on Facebook?

Friend Remover will help you to make it easy. It will scan all your posts and classify active and inactive friends.

From this either you can select all the inactive friends or you can select the person you need to remove and you can just remove in just one click.

There is also an option to set the time interval between removing every inactive friend.

If you feel someone in the list of active friends is also not needed then you can remove them from the list by selecting them.

Friend Remover Features

Active and inactive friends: The software will scan all your posts and find out the friends engaging and not engaging in your post.

Unfriend inactive friends: After finding out inactive friends you can either remove all or selected ones from the list.

Whitelist Friends: Select and tag your friends and family as whitelisted so you don't accidentally remove them from your friend list.

Time delay: You can set a time delay between removing every inactive friend.

How to use Friend Remover

Step 1: Log in to the extension and open Friend remover

Step 2: Click Scan Post and give it a few minutes to get the data.

Step 3: Select the inactive friends that you want to remove.

Step 4: Set average delay between friend removal

Step 5: Click the button "Remove Friends". Now it will start to remove selected friends

Step 6: If you like to get a list of active friends, go to the menu, and then select the option "Active Friends".

Step 7: If you want to see all your friends, go to the menu and then select the option "All Friends"

The friend remover will help you to manage your list of friends every month, keeping your friends list clean and making room for new friends.

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